Due to popular demand there will be more live streams of LOCKDOWN VEXATIONS

The pool of videos is growing – please JOIN IN by recording yourself playing ONE CYCLE of Vexations (instructions below) – the next deadlines and stream dates and times are:

SUNDAY 16th August at Noon BST (Deadline – Midnight Friday 14th August)

A special Live Stream will mark the anniversary of the first full performance of Vexations organised by John Cage in New York in 1963 on WEDNESDAY 9th September at 4pm BST (Deadline – Midnight Monday 7th September)

HOW TO TAKE PART: Play one round of VEXATIONS and record yourself on video with audio (in ‘landscape’ orientation for best results). Download the score HERE, or email me for a copy. Please send your video by file transfer to kathy@kathyhinde.co.uk and let me know where in the world you recorded it!  Performer names and locations will be credited on each iteration. 

It’s widely thought to be composed for piano (although Satie doesn’t state this), so if you don’t have a piano, then another keyboard instrument can work.

The first full live streamed randomised rendition of LOCKDOWN VEXATIONS happened at Midday on Sunday 17th May 2020 for Satie’s 154th Birthday. The stream of 840 repetitions lasted 26 hours 42 minute 45 seconds… be part of the next one!

Example video of one cycle of Vexations

VEXED LOCKDOWN It would be great to also gather creative responses to Vexations. This is open to your interpretation… Get into the spirit of Vexations – Maybe prepare with a long silence? or by listening to Vexations 840 times? … then create your response using whatever media you choose. Feel free to be as ambiguous and multifaceted as Satie himself… When sending your VEXED RESPONSE, if it is video or audio, please host the media on your own account (youtube / vimeo / soundcloud etc) and send me a link so I can embed it on this site. For images and text, I can post directly. Please include a short sentence about your piece, your name where you made it. Email to me at kathy@kathyhinde.co.uk – see examples HERE

For more info about the project and Vexations – go to ABOUT

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