Cycles 305 to 380 of the first live stream which happened on 17th May 2020 to mark Erik Satie’s 154th Birthday… an updated set of extracts will be available soon, and will include one cycle from all participants so far… enjoy people’s unique take of Satie’s infamous piece.

The FINALE live stream of LOCKDOWN VEXATIONS started at 4pm BST, 9th September 2020 to mark the anniversary of the first known full performance of Vexations organised by John Cage in New York in 1963… kindly hosted by MUTEK MONTREAL… extracts coming soon!

LOCKDOWN VEXATIONS is Erik Satie’s Vexations repeating 840 times chosen randomly from bank of video contributions recorded during Covid-19 lockdown 2020… premiereed on Erik Satie’s 154th Birthday on May 17th 2020

LOCKDOWN VEXATIONS was set up by Kathy Hinde, and uses randomising software programmed by Matthew Olden.

Thanks to contributions from (so far)… Kathy Hinde, Bristol UK; Ayumi Toyama, London UK; Jodie Saunders, Plymouth UK; Martha Oakes, London UK; Veda Hille, Vancouver Canada; Bridget Kelly, Seaford UK; Dan Pollard, Bristol UK; Georgie Ward, Bristol UK;  Ross Hughes, Somerset UK; Frode Haltli, Svartskog Norway; Charles Hazlewood, Somerset UK; Maja S. K. Ratkje, Svartskog Norway; Sarah Nicolls, Stroud UK; Jason Hazeley, London UK; James Murphy, London UK; Sheena Phillips, London UK; Hazel Mills, Bristol UK; Caroline Potter, London UK; Alex Metcalfe, Tunbridge Wells UK; Cliodna Shanahan, Limerick Ireland; Michael Begg, East Lothian, Scotland; Harriet Riley, Bristol UK; Andreas Borregaard, Copenhagen Denmark; Graham Knight, London UK, Leo Chadburn, London UK; Allan Bullard, Colchester UK; David Horne, Manchester UK; Pete Judge, Bristol UK; Mariko Asakawa-North, Exeter UK; Will Goodchild with Rosa Fay Photography , Bristol UK; Clive So, London UK; Dave Yapp, Bristol UK; Adam Swayne, Brighton UK; Bennet Jones, Bristol UK; Késia Decoté, Brasília Brazil; Julian Davis, Macclesfield UK; Howard Jones, London UK; Quinta, Athens Greece; Stephen Montague, London UK; Jonathan Ticher, London UK; Christian Eggen, Norway; Emma McPartland, Alkmaar Netherlands; Nye Parry, Richmond UK; James Hurst, Lincoln UK; Michael Finnissy, Sherringham UK; Mark Summers, Orkney; Pete Stollery, Monymusk Scotland; Joe Stollery, Monymusk Scotland; Andrew Morris, Leominster UK; Fiona Linnane, Limerick Ireland; Kevin Sargent, Ponteland UK; Gavin Bryars, Leicestershire UK; Louise Drewett, Wokingham UK; Elaine Levene, Leeds UK; Ye-Ye Xu, London UK; Jane Carrington-Porter, Devon UK; Eve Egoyan, Toronto Canada, James Gow Bristol UK; Steven Berryman, London UK; Charlotte Way, London UK; Mick Peake, Hay-on-Wye UK; Matthew Redman, Somerset UK; Alyce Santoro, Providence, Rhode Island; Shirley Pegna, Bristol UK; Simon Blackmore, Manchester UK; Joshua Balance, London UK; Kate Moran, Manchester UK; Rosemary Duxbury, Leicester UK; Anne Wille, Totnes UK, Rachel Starritt, Bridgend Wales; Chris Long, Pershore UK; Giorgio Magnanensi, Roberts Creek, British Columbia Canada; Lauren Sudbrink, Chicago, Illinois; Natalie Bleicher, Watford UK; Julia Usher, Colchester UK; Wendy Johnson, London UK;  Ton Verstraten and Merel Schellekens, Boxtel, The Netherlands; Reed Maxson, Davis California; Yshani Perinpanayagam, London, UK; Keshav Sethi, age 10, Leicester, UK; Joby Burgess, Bedfordshire, UK; Oliver Searle, Glasgow, UK;

61 x pianos, 3 x pump organs, 2 x accordions, 2 x prophet 6 synths, 1 x juno 6 synth, 1 x marimba, 2 x vibraphones, 1 x ‘borealis’ synth, 3 x casio keyboards, 1 x wurlitzer, 1 x Harpsichord, 2 x melodicas, 1 x choir, 1 x toy piano, 1 x harp harmonics, 1 x tongue drum, 1 x Clarinet, 1 x mono MFB Nanozwerg, 1 x 4 voice Roland SH01a, 1 x dulcitone, 1 x cello, 1 x guitar, 1 x alto flute, 1 x C flute, 1 x InsideOut Piano, 1 x Yamaha Reface CP keyboard, 1 x hand-wound music box.

Creative responses to ‘Vexations’ can be found HERE including contributions by Steve Beresford, London UK; Tania Chen, New York USA; Veda Hille, Vancouver Canada; Haworth Hodgkinson Central Buchan, Scotland; Giorgio Magnanensi, Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada, Matthew Olden, Bristol UK; Emma McPartland, Alkmaar Netherlands; Fiona Linnane, Limerick Ireland; and Kathy Hinde, Bristol UK; Richard Hughes, Bristol UK; Lauren Sudbrink, Chicago Illinois; Ton Verstraten and Merel Schellekens, Boxtel, The Netherlands; Alyce Santoro, Providence, Rhode Island; Reed Maxson, Davis California; Yshani Perinpanayagam, London, UK.

More information about the project and how to take part in future streams – HERE

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